SilverCharm -  British Shorthairs

2017 Awards!

LA SGC Farinelli of Kotoffski of Silver/WC (Toby)
Toby has won his Lifetime Achievement Award!

Best Cream British Shorthair
Best British Shorthair Mid-Atlantic Region
9th Best Cat Mid-Atlantic Region
6th Best Shorthair Cat Mid-Atlantic Region

Thanks for visiting! We are a small boutique British Shorthair breeder located in beautiful Lehigh County of Pennsylvania. Our cattery is registered with TICA. It is a pleasure for us to show our lovely cats and they are cherished family members in our home.
Our cattery works with British Shorthairs in the colors of black, blue, cream, lilac, white, cinnamon & chocolate. We also work with tabby patterns of mackerel and classic. SilverCharm strives for perfect health, then for correct body type and "charming" personalities! Please enjoy our site and get to know us!!

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