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White Brick Wall

1. Food & Water Bowls-We prefer stainless steel or glass. We leave dry food and water down at all times.

2. Dry Food- We will send home full size bags of what they are eating.

3. Wet Food- We use a variety and will send home several cans/pouches.
4. Litterbox-Your kitten is already using a large, high sided box. 
5. Litter- We use paper litter.

6. Scratching Post- Your kitten already knows how to use it! Cardboard scratchers are also loved by kittens!

7. Toys- Catnip mice, feathers on a stick, balls, etc. We will send

some home to get you started!

8. Cat Carrier- If buying new, buy one large enough for an adult-no need to buy twice!

Before baby comes home






1. Have the food, scratcher and litter box set in the room your kitten will be staying in for the first few days. We recommend the bathroom or a bedroom.


2. Put your kitten in the room with their carrier (door propped open). Some babies will sleep in their carrier.


3. If you have other pets, allow them to sniff at each other under the door for a few days. When you feel comfortable introducing them, keep the first few meetings short and sweet.


4. Please allow your kitten dry food and water at all times. We feed wet food once a day.

5. Every kitten has it's own personality-some will warm up to you right away, some will be a bit shy for the beginning. Please allow your kitten to progress at their own pace. Interactive toys such as wand or fishing-pole type toys are a great way to interact with your baby!


When Baby Comes Home

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